We accept admissions on a rolling basis for the following general categories.  The general theme is the living of the Christian life.  We are not looking for theological treatises, but we are looking for theological meditation upon the important things: Worship, friendship, church life, politics, arts.

Render Unto Caesar: A article or essay bringing Christian Teaching to bear on a specific situation in political life.

Render Unto God: An article or essay developing theological principles of the political order. We favor arguments that concentrate on first or third uses of the law, also arguments that are generally within a two kingdoms framework.

The difference between these two categories would be the intention of the article or essay.  If it is specific application, for example examining the political obscenity of the daily news cycle, it would be Caesar.  If it attempts to develop or explain a principle which would be applicable to multiple obscenities then God.

Dignus Es: An article or essay dealing with Liturgy, Hymns and Worship Theology.

Praying the Catechism: An article of essay examining life in light of a passage from Luther’s Small Catechism.

Prayer, Meditation, Trial: Hagiography.  The sharing of an example of the Christian Life.  This can be personal reflection, or observations of the great cloud of witnesses.  Share with us either your heroes of the faith or your moments of testing.

Concord: An article or essay that is an honest attempt to thing through church arguments leading to peace and unity.  The first assumption of an article in this category is that your church-political adversary is also your brother in Christ.  That does not mean tough things are not said.  What it means is that they must be well argued for the point of winning back your brother.

They Sent Them Off: Share with us an episode of missionary life or your missionary endeavor.

Even Some of Your Own Poets: Meditations in verse form (i.e. poems and hymns).

Life’s Rich Tapestry: Reflections on Art, Movies, Music, Books and even Sports (if you can’t find beauty in a great Center-field play, we don’t want to publish).

From the Pulpit: Did you preach a sermon that you are particularly proud of?  A successful submission here has two components.  If you have a live recording of the sermon, please submit that along with either the text or preaching notes used.  If you do not have a live recording, please make an after the fact recording.  If we plan to publish the sermon, we will also need to conduct on interview to learn more about your congregation and how the sermon developed.

Please contact me a brownmp at agricolae dot net