This site is the public journal of Mark Brown, or what used to be known as a personal blog. Facebook is for nice pictures of nice people doing nice things. Twitter with its 280 characters is for distribution and water cooler small talk. There are journals and other outlets for those more connected. I occasionally get into a minor one of those. Those satisfy most people. Which is why blogs largely died. But there are ideas that need to be thought out loud that: aren’t nice, wouldn’t get published and take more than 280 characters. That is what this is for me.

So who is Mark Brown beyond “Father, Pastor, Reader, Numbers Geek and Coffee Addict?” That is really asking the question why should I read you Mark Brown? My quickest answer to that is like the old saying “old enough to know better, but still to young to care.” Once upon a time I was building a decent resume, but I’m too much the contrarian to have ever played out the string. St. John Keble is my patron saint paradoxically for ambition. Shepherd the family and a local congregation. Try to speak the truth in important things. Develop a gift for friendship. Give thanks for the gifts God grants.