Catechism Moment

  • This is a project I started as the Pastor of St. Mark’s Lutheran, West Henrietta
  • This is a weekly email – aiming for Wednesdays – where I take up a portion of Luther’s Small Catechism and ponder its roll in our Christian lives. If we think we have ever outgrown the catechism we are surely under the devil’s delusion. These seemingly simple basics of Christian faith and practice are deep enough for daily prayer and never run out of impact.
  • Here is a fancy link fit for your phone Online Catechism
  • Here is a second online link Book of Concord Online
  • The email will always have the portion we are pondering at the top. You can also drop me a note and I can get you a simple very slim printed copy that can fit anywhere.
  • Here is the link to sign up to receive this weekly email.
  • I used to try and collect these, but I decided they are “written on water”. They are examples of personal meditation and spurs to your own meditation.