So who is Mark Brown beyond the tag line “Father, Pastor, Reader, Numbers Geek and Coffee Addict?”

Father: I’m the husband of one wife (Ellen) and the Father of three children (Anna – 19, David – 16, Ethan – 13).

Pastor: From 2008 – 2022 I was the pastor of St. Mark’s Lutheran (LCMS) in West Henrietta, NY. It was my first assignment out of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. Since August of 2022 I’m the pastor of Mt. Zion Lutheran (LCMS) in Peoria, AZ.

Reader: I used to play basketball, but my sweet jumper left me sometime in my 30’s and the game wasn’t the same. There are other things that have been avocations, but I’ve always been a voracious reader. There are few things I enjoy more than giving something deserving a close read.

Numbers Geek: I am originally an Engineer. My first job was playing with fire. I have my MBA and I’m a CFA and spent 10 years working for IBM eventually running the financial P&L of a multi-billion dollar division. I like numbers. I also know the limit of numbers. Most people use numbers as an excuse not to do anything, when what they should be are an assist to doing something now.

Coffee addict explains itself.

But what you are really asking is “why should I read you Mark Brown?” My quickest answer is that I’m still angular. I’ve never succeeded in suppressing a desire to find the truth even if it is pointy. Once upon a time I was building a decent resume, but I’m too much the contrarian to have ever played out that string. St. John Keble is my patron saint paradoxically for ambition. Shepherd the family and a local congregation. Try to speak the truth in important things. Develop a gift for friendship. Give thanks for the gifts God grants. If that voice sounds interesting, read me.