Published in Lutheran Forum

Winter 2018. This article was sparked by reading Pope Francis’ encyclical Amoris Laetitia. It reviews the differences between the Lutheran understanding of Confession and Absolution and the traditional Roman Catholic understanding. It demonstrates how many of today’s Catholic troubles are caused by their rejecting of the Lutheran understanding, which should not be a big surprise, because the entire reformation is still about Papal usurpation of the authority of the Keys. But it also reviews Francis’ shocking statements – very Lutheran – in his encyclical.

Winter 2019. This article attempts to define a historically consistent, theologically attentive and practically robust definition and practice of closed communion. It’s roots were in my parish. I wrote it as the CV. I hope it might provide some peace in a disputed patch.

Published in Forum Letter (the monthly newsletter of Lutheran Forum)

April 2018. A contrarian take on children in church and how it is a parents job to teach them the right way.

July 2019. A Contrarian take doing funerals for people you don’t know based on Walther’s advice in his Pastoral Theology.

July 2020. A word with my son, and to spiritual sons, about police, racism and our proper responses.