Agricolae is a venture in Public Theology from the Lutheran Tradition.  It exists for two reasons.  First to provide an editorial platform that is unabashedly Lutheran in grounding and formation which seeks to apply that theology to public life secular and religious.  Second to encourage and grow Public Theologians who will yield 100 fold in the years to come.

What does that mean (a good Lutheran question)?

When we observed the current scene we saw an unhealthy systematic dynamic.  Current platforms with a religious outlook divided into two camps. a) Those that might welcome an occasional Lutheran voice but whose editorial direction was contrary.  The Lutheran voice was like the token liberal on Fox News.  Worse than that the token Lutheran was often not even a Lutheran, but an Anglican or Evangelical who appreciated Luther.  b) Those whose editorial direction was Lutheran, but their attention was turned not toward public things or lived spirituality but often toward sectarian squabbles or esoteric weirdness to avoid such squabbles.  As much as we might like the occasional sectarian squabble, this is not public theology.

As a result, the tradition that raised and nourished the two largest public Theologians of the 20th Century, Reinhold Niebuhr and Richard Neuhaus, has trouble finding a voice today.  We aim to change that.

Working to change that might get us to 30 or 60 fold, but the 100 fold yield would be to influence the American Public square.  Today that public square banishes the things of the church and of the Spirit to private life.  But those that lament this often lament the loss of political influence, not the loss of the spirit.  The Lutheran experience in the United States is the experience of the other.  The United States has always been a Reformed and Catholic enterprise and today remains so if in a post-Christian expression.  We believe that it is only through growing men and women who seek first the kingdom of God, that all the rest shall be added.  We may address politics, but we know which reign we truly desire to come to fruition.