Advent Sermon – Symbols of Things – Zechariah 3:8


This was the last mid-week sermon.  We had been roughly following a chain of OT promises of the messiah.  The first grouping was about a savior/prophet.  The second group were kingly predictions.  The last group was priestly predictions.  I didn’t start out with prophet, priest and king, but that was always latent and it became more obvious.  It also made sense to work from prophet, a more or less completely fulfilled role, to the king, which is fulfilled but hidden, and end with the priest, which sacrificial respect is fulfilled but the presense of God sense remains.

Like when Paul talks about Faith, Hope and Love with the greatest being love becuase while faith and hope give way to knowing love will remain, two of the roles of prophet, priest and king will disappear.  We will not need a prophet as all will be known.  We will not need a priest as God will be with His people and they will have been remade.  We will still have a King.