Sermon – Aug 10th – Pentecost 13 – Jesus Walks on Water

Text: Matt 14:22-33
Exegetical Point: Faith’s focus is Christ who enables that faith to do wonders and to worship
Focus Statement: Christ’s action and presence alone guides and saves the church
Function Statement: That my hearers would put their focus on Christ and his will

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This sermon walks really close on a couple of lines. First it walks really close to the allegory line. It took and expository format which means line by line or sense verse by sense verse. After each chunk I discuss a meaning. I have support for each of those meanings, but some are not necessarily immediate. The second line it walks is that of miracles. The miracles are ‘signs & wonders’. They point to who Jesus is. That is their function in the sermon, but the a couple of the modern examples could be dangerous. Someone could take them as if you believe/do this a miracle happens. I’m hoping that I was clear, but one part especially could come off like this.

This is one of those sermons that just a few hours after final delivery, I’m thinking I’m going to regret saying that. I stand behind and have grounds for everything I say, but it might require a little more sophisitcation or nuance than should be expected in a sermon. That said, for the first time, I feel that the strongest section and the most memorable was the Gospel proclamation. Ultimately, that is why I didn’t flinch in delivering. The gospel section was strong.