Sermon – Matt 15:21-28 – Large Crumbs

This text and sermon were very difficult. Truthfully, I was scared to death to give this one. I read this text as instruction in spiritual poverty – a object lesson in the first commandment or the first beatitude. Not a subject that a comfortable american really has standing to talk about, or that is easy to hear or talk about without sounding pedantic. There were also a couple of lines that were very rough and direct. I did not look forward to giving this sermon, but I did from the first practive delivery like it better orally than written. After delivery a couple of thoughts. First the text section strikes the right tone. It made the situation real without dodging the Lord calling someone a dog. That section I like. The application section worked ok and addressed a local issue. If someone was to take this sermon walking, they would most likely have to re-write or attach their own application section. I think the two point outline would work, but the examples, the sins and the grace would have to be modified to the local audience. Overall I like it much better finished than upcoming.