Sermon – Mark 1:21-28 – Sacred Spaces


Text of sermon

One of the comments on this sermon on Sunday was the “it could have found a nice home in the pulpit next door.” That could either be the Bapist Church or the African-American church. From this person I took that as a compliment. We Lutherans tend to be envious of the pulpit skills of both of those types of preachers, but we find it hard to break out of the cultural, emotional and theological strait-jackets. If my seminary professor had said that, I’d be looking for the heresy I just endorsed with passion that would be leading my flock in the wrong direction. Part of the strait-jacketing that comes with the M.Div.

I think I’ve quipped before that some days you’re preaching the Word and others you’re talking. This one certainly felt like the Word. Feelings are not always a great indicator, but I’m not quibbling this time.