Sermon – The Mission of God – Mark 1:29-39


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Not a very Lutheran sermon, but I think it is spot on. (It was not very Lutheran becuase the overly simple condensation is Jesus was/did this, so we should do this. Lutherans tend to frown on Jesus the example which drifts to close to Jesus the law giver.) I liked it enough that I used it with the circuit meeting today. Lutherans love talking justification, and law/gospel and freedom from the law. The freedom from the law is absolutely correct, but it is freedom in Christ and not a general freedom. Even Paul’s response to that thought (should I sin so that grace may increase?) was absolutely not! Sometimes the simple Jesus the great example is called for especially when the issue is His mission to save sinners. It is directly out of that mission that the gospel comes. If we get the gospel we are part of His mission. We make his mission ours.