The Milk of Faith

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There are some very simple statements that are rarely expressed that are the seed bed of faith. You get close to them if you look at the world and just say what you see. Do you see millions of atoms randomly moving around? Do you see a tragic beauty? Maybe just beauty? Probably your answer to that sets your course. You presuppositions typically set your logic.

I was converted in a way to our VBS this year. It did a masterful job of talking about some of the unexpressed basic assumptions. Who is God and how does He act in regards to us? What are your gut level thoughts and presuppositions about God? VBS took Psalm 139 as the text. I pays every Christian to bring those basic thoughts to life every now and then. The world and our adversary will try and convince you that you are a fool for thinking something like: God loves you no matter what. But that is what God has revealed about himself in the Bible, in Creation and most clearly in Christ, in the cross. Those simple statements are the simple milk of faith.

[Note – in the podcast the sermon starts about the 5:00 mark]

3 thoughts on “The Milk of Faith

  1. The great truths of the Bible can be so simply told, and yet be so profound! It was good to hear you on the website, Pastor. Thank you for adding the podcast of the sermon.

  2. (I guess I responded in the wrong “reply area”. That comment was for the “Milk of Faith” sermon… The “Alabastar Jar” poem was beautiful, by the way!)

    1. No, I think you had it right. Not that I get a ton, but I put all comments into moderation first. That way a bunch of goofy spam doesn’t get there.

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